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By Zachary Elwood
A book for a liberal and/or anti-Trump audience about political animosity and contempt, how polarization deranges us, and how you can help solve this problem. Learn more and order.
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"... compelling arguments, based on astute observations and backed by solid research... brief, accessible"
 Kirkus Reviews
“ essential guide for American liberals worried about the future of our country.”
– Taylor Dotson, author of The Divide
"For people who want to defeat Trumpism [...] I implore you to contemplate, and absorb, [these ideas]."
- Rich Logis
How does democracy fall apart?

If you see Trump as a dangerous threat to democracy, it's of the utmost importance to understand the dynamics that led us to this moment in time. This book will help you understand how we got here — and how we might avoid worst-case scenarios.

How does a democracy fall apart? One path — the path we’re currently on — is extreme division. Many people grow to hate and fear the “other side” so much that beating them takes precedence over everything else.

Can we avoid worst-case scenarios? To help us avoid increasing chaos, dysfunction, and democratic erosion in America, we need many more people to understand how toxic polarization works and the ways they can help solve this problem.

What’s in the book? This book examines:

  • The overly pessimistic views liberals and conservatives have of each other

  • How those distorted views lead to widespread contempt and fear

  • How contempt and fear create a feedback cycle of conflict — and how that helps create the very things that anger us (including undemocratic behaviors)

  • Ideas for things we can do in our daily lives to help reduce toxic divides and extremism

This book will also help you have less angry, more constructive, and more persuasive conversations with people on the “other side” (which is, as this book shows, one small way we can all help overcome our toxic divides and sustain democracy).

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You can order the book on Amazon in paperback and ebook format. 

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