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polarization-related talks

These are talks that I've had on other people's shows about the American polarization problem. For episodes from my own podcast about polarization, see this compilation.  

August 2023

Talk with Stoic Solutions podcast

A talk I had with Justin Vacula on his stoicism-focused podcast. It was a good talk about the nature of polarization, and about paths forward. Here's that talk.

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July 2023

A talk with the Derate The Hate podcast

A talk on the Derate The Hate podcast, with "Wilk" Wilkerson, about our divides, and about our tendencies to form into us-versus-them groups. Here's that talk. 

May 2023

Talk with First Amendment Museum podcast

A short 12-minute talk I had with the First Amendment Museum's interview series, hosted by Maxwell Nosbisch. Here's that video.

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May 2023

A talk with the Unity Now podcast

A talk on the Unity Now podcast, with the host Toby Davis. Here's that episode on Apple Podcasts.

April 2023

A talk with a Trump voter and a "woke" liberal about polarization

This was a video I made to show how you can have any political beliefs while seeing the problem of extreme us-vs-them polarization, and see the value in reducing that animosity. Here's that video.


June 2023

Talk with the group Atheists for Liberty 

A talk I had with Thomas Sheedy, of the group Atheists for Liberty. We talk about a bunch of culture war things, including the moral/religious panic on the conservative side. Here's the video.

October 2023

A talk on The Jist

I talked to Josh Hamilton about the nature of polarization and the dynamics involved, including our overly pessimistic views of the "other side." Here's that video.

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