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By Zachary Elwood
An ebook aimed at reducing toxic political polarization in America. This is written for all Americans, no matter their political beliefs. (If you're liberal and/or anti-Trump, see my newer book.)


Tyler Dotson, author of The Divide:

"I recommend [this] to friends and family because it tries so hard to understand the perspectives of both liberals and conservatives." (full review)

David Foster,

"He is genuinely detached from the partisan claims and is doing his best to be evenhanded and dispassionate at all times." (full review)

Daniel Stone, author of Undue Hate:

“If there was one book that I would ask my most polarized fellow Americans to read carefully this would probably be it." (full review)
America is deeply divided

We don't just disagree on the issues; we increasingly view people on the "other side" as immoral, often even dangerous. And our fear and anger affect our stances on issues, making us more hardened in our views and less willing to compromise. 

There’s a chance our problems will get a lot worse before they get better. To avoid worst-case outcomes, we need more people — from politicians to reporters to everyday citizens — to see the nature of our divides more clearly.

Defusing American Anger examines the roots of our anger, showing that much of the animosity, on both sides, is based on distorted views. The more we understand each other, and see how most of us are not the monsters we imagine, the less toxic our culture will become, and the more likely we'll be to avoid worst-case scenarios where everyone loses.

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When you get the ebook from me directly, you'll get notifications when I make revisions. The book comes in an EPUB-format file. You can find many free EPUB readers; your device can probably read EPUBs. And if you have a Kindle, it's easy to forward the file to your Kindle email address (if you're not sure how, you can find instructions online). 

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